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Just for Kids - Meet the Composer


ant to take some more fun time travel trips to meet famous composers in their own homes and studios? They're here! Put on your coat and step in the funny-looking phone booth that's a whole lot bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. The TARDIS is in a good mood today and raring to go!



C.P.E. Bach (Vienna, 1786)

Frederic Chopin (Warsaw, 1835)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Vienna, 1786)

Franz Liszt (Constantinople, 1847)

Franz Schubert (Vienna, 1819)

Johannes Brahms (Vienna, 1870)


Franz Josef Haydn (Vienna, 1795)

Johann Sebastian Bach (Leipzig, 1740)

Clara Schumann (Frankfurt, 1879)

Robert and Clara Schumann
 (Dresden, 1848)

Domenico Scarlatti (Madrid, 1752)




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