The Studio Pack, Version 1.5

The Studio Pack is a group of customizable, pre-built, studio-tested template documents for the working piano teacher, developed by Dr. John Zeigler and Ms. Nancy Ostromencki, the editors and founders of The Piano Education Page. The Studio Pack provides the piano teacher with a means by which customized critical documents necessary for running any studio can be quickly and easily prepared, saving the teacher over a hundred hours of work. The Studio Pack documents allow the teacher to:
  • publicize the studio (Studio Brochure),
  • codify a tested set of policies for clients (Studio Policy)
  • control use of a computer teaching lab (Computer Theory Lab Policy),
  • publish a studio Web page (Studio Web Page),
  • gather necessary information (Student Information Form)
  • communicate with clients via a newsletter (Studio Newsletter)
  • provide a valuable source of information about the studio, piano and music for students and parents alike (Student Manual and Resource Guide).

Each Studio Pack document is formatted as a WordPerfect template with built-in automated prompts that ask you for basic information about you and your studio, e.g. name of studio, studio address and phone numbers, e-mail address and so forth. This information is inserted automatically at the appropriate locations in the templates (see below) to produce a document which is personalized and customized for your studio. You may carry out additional customization as desired once the automated part of the customization is complete. Each template has an associated WordPerfect documentation file on the disk that gives instructions for template use and tips about customization. Included as a bonus in The Studio Pack are WordPerfect and HTML versions of four valuable informational documents reprinted from the Internet's Piano Education Page: Starting a Private Teaching Studio, Preparing an Effective Studio Policy, Establishing a Computer Teaching Lab and Establishing a Studio Web Site. Examples of a few of The Studio Pack documents before and after customization are shown below.

Just released! New version 1.5

Includes new Windows installation program, improved documentation with a full on-disc manual, and Mac/Win hybrid CD-ROM delivery.

For answers to common questions about the Studio Pack, see our Studio Pack FAQ.


Example Studio Pack Template Front Pages

Studio Policy

Computer Lab Policy

Studio Brochure

Same Personalized Front Pages

Studio Policy

Computer Lab Policy

Studio Brochure

Currently, these templates are meant to be used with WordPerfect 6 and higher. They can be imported into any other word processor system which can read WordPerfect 6 or later files, but we do not currently support other word processors and cannot guarantee perfect importation. For most users of word processors other than WordPerfect (e.g., Microsoft Word), the templates can be used as imported. Standard search-and-replace operations replace the automated insertion of personal information when the templates are used with word processors other than WordPerfect 6 or above. A special instruction document for users of word processors other than WordPerfect is included on The Studio Pack diskette. Users of WordPerfect 6 or higher for the Macintosh can also use these templates in the same manner that users of word processors other than WordPerfect can use them. Future upgrades will bring these documents to other word processors.

Basic familiarity with WordPerfect or other word processor is a prerequisite for use of the templates. The templates and instruction documents use slightly over 1 Mb of disk space. Although the template documents are copyrighted and may not be reproduced or utilized unlicensed, the personalized versions produced from them by licensed users are the property of the licensed user to copyright if he/she so desires.

For answers to common questions about the Studio Pack, see our Studio Pack FAQ.

The Studio Pack includes the disk containing the templates and instruction documents, along with a printed document providing basic information and installation instructions. Installation is done automatically by a program on The Studio Pack disk. The Studio Pack can also be obtained on the PEP CD Plus, along with the entire, full text and graphics content of The Piano Education Page, for $69.95, plus $5 S+H - an over $30 discount for both disks, if ordered separately. To order, print the form below, fill it in, and mail with check or money order for $49.95 (plus $40 if next day FedEx delivery is desired).

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Send this form and appropriate payment (U.S. funds, check or money order payable to: Silchemy, (include $5 S+H, add $40 for next day FedEx delivery) to:

Studio Pack
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Please write "Studio Pack" on the check or money order. Please allow 4 weeks for mail delivery. For more information, see our Studio Pack FAQ.


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