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by John M. Zeigler, Ph.D.
Rio Rancho, NM USA


e have assembled several different FAQ's, other help documents and informational pages for Piano Education Page visitors over the years. These are intended to address both general PEP use and viewing and more specific areas. A linked list of them follows. These links go to only a tiny fraction of the pages on the site, but should serve as a good starting point for those needing help or looking for something more specific. Keep in mind that you can search the site in several different ways from our Search page, a link to which can be found in the PEP Program on every page.


General PEP Tips and Information

Getting the Most from The Piano Education Page - our best insider's tips on how to use the site

Site Policies - how we run The Piano Education Page, handle personal information and much more

The Piano Education Page - Ten Years On - how PEP came to be, history, philosophy and interesting facts about the site


Frequently Asked Questions (General PEP FAQ) - quick answers to the most common questions

Miracle Piano Teaching System FAQ - answers to technical questions about installing and running the Miracle

Piano Discovery System FAQ - basic information about this learning package

Piano Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - all about pianos

Piano Education Page Forums FAQ - tips and answers about using the PEP Forums

Searching The Piano Education Page

Search The Piano Education Page - search PEP or the Web using keywords

The Piano Education Page Score - find all of PEP's documents categorized by subject area or visitor interest group. This is a good place to find starting points for your visit to PEP.

Table of Contents - all PEP's documents organized by site structure

Feedback and Help Requests

Help Request Form - report a problem you're having with viewing or using PEP

Miracle Piano Teaching System Help Request - Miracle-specific help requests

Feedback - comments or general piano learning questions, submitted via e-mail or form

Piano Education Page Reprint Request - request royalty-free reprinting for educational purposes


Reprinting from The Piano Education Page - how to reprint legally from The Piano Education Page

Piano Education Page Reprint Request - request royalty-free reprinting for educational purposes

Authoring for The Piano Education Page

Site Policies - includes policy information for authors

Information for Piano Education Page Authors - what you need to know to write for The Piano Education Page

How You Can Help On The Piano Education Page - ideas and procedures


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